ELUG Meetup: 22 December 2022

Topic: Year in review
Presenter: Everyone
Location: https://meet.elug.rocks/22Dec2022

This was a very informal affair, more of a hang-out and chit-chat about random Linux-related things. Some of the topics and references that were shared:

Raspberry Pi



Helm-Kubernetes, LAMP, dovecot:

Certificates, SSL


port forwarding
transmission, torrent
announce servers


micro-box for print/file server

ELUG Meetup: 27 October 2022

Topic: None, really. Just sharing about random projects and things.
Presenter: Everyone, but mostly Rajiv because he likes to talk.

Rajiv showed us the Deezer command line script that he modified. (Deezer is an online streaming music player client.)
Rajiv also showed us some of the tricks he has up his sleeve for packet capture and analysis.
Yes, of course there was vim.

David had upgraded some Debian servers from 7 to 8 to 9 to 10 to 11. Yes, step by step, including resolving some circular dependencies. Fun fun fun for everyone. K maybe not really.

Manuel wrote a *nix-load of kubernetes container scripts, way more than his fair share.

Rick is still playing with his RaspberryPi server.

Jochen used to work at a Volkswagen factory for many years. Now he is learning linux.

Robert was just there, directing traffic. As usual. Oh, by the way, the btrfs check --repair appears to have been successful. Yay!

ELUG Meetup: April 22, 2021

In our latest edition of ELUG virtual meetups, Manuel walked the participants through the developments of services in regards to server infrastructure. From the initial “one machine, one task” philosophy to the development and advantages of virtualization to containerization of applications and container orchestration through kubernetes.

A video of that session was recorded so if you want to take a look at look check that out here:

Virtualization vs Containerization

The presentation can be found here: