Next meeting: 25 Aug 2022

Topic: TBD
Presenter: TBD

The Edmonton Linux User Group (ELUG) Meetup is a chance to get together with other users of Linux, GNU, and Unix-like operating systems, and open source software. Our members range from newcomers to power users to seasoned administrators and developers; so, all are welcome!

We meet as an opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences for several reasons:
– to educate for personal and professional growth
– to promote and advocate for the free and open source movement
– to support and assist with Linux-related challenges
– and to socialize with peers who have a common interest

Examples of topics that may be discussed or presented include (but not limited to):
– Exposure to different distributions
– Workshops on various tools and commands
– User-level and system-level development and tuning
– just about anything else Linux-related

We welcome anyone with an interest in Linux and/or open source software and look forward to building the Linux community in Edmonton.

Standard Agenda:

6:00pm – Arrival, mingling, setting up techno-stuff
6:30pm – Welcome & introductions, presentation begins
7:30pm – Announcements, open discussions
8:00pm – Event conclusion (officially, but we usually hang around for as long as we feel li

ELUG Meetup: 28 July 2022

Topic: Repositories
Presenter: Manuel (with help from David and others)

Manuel highlighted the different repository managers for several distributions. The purpose of repositories was discussed. In a small demonstration he walked us through managing the sources and lists that make these repositories work.

During the demonstration of apt, Manuel showed how to install a package and the different ways of removing or purging packages. He added a separate repository and showed how to manage the keys as well as installing software from that repository.

ELUG Meetup: June 23, 2022

Topic: Jupyter notebook
Presenter: Josemar

Josemar showed us the wonders and marvels of Jupyter notebook, an open-source, interactive and extensible data science and scientific computing tool.

ELUG Meetup: May 26, 2022

This month we had a bit of a round table to think of some ideas of what to talk about in future meetings.

Some of the ideas include:
> Repository management
> Hardware issues: tools and utilities for managing devices
> Security: SSH, GPG, securing your home network, using networked/wireless cameras
> Network: setup, vlans, remote desktops/admin
> Other: how to build a container, user’s personal projects, desktop customization

ELUG Meetup: April 28, 2022

David showed us how to set up a NextCloud instance. Nextcloud is your own personal cloud offering a myriad of features and functions. You want to setup your own, private iCloud? Nextcloud makes sure your data never leaves your control. You want to be able to edit office documents on in the cloud? Nextcloud offers a full fledged office solution. You want to synchronize your phone’s data with your Nextcloud instance? Install the iPhone or Android app, connect to your server and you are good to go.

If you want to have a quick look at what was covered in our last meeting please feel free to review the video here: