Next ELUG Meeting: 25 July 2024

Presenter: TBD
Topic: TBD
Physical location: Strathcona County Public Library, Maple Room; 401 Festival Lane Sherwood Park
Virtual location:


The Edmonton Linux User Group (ELUG) is a chance to get together with other users of Linux, GNU, and Unix-like operating systems, and open source software. Our members range from newcomers to power users to seasoned administrators and developers; so, all are welcome!

We meet as an opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences for several reasons:

  • to educate for personal and professional growth
  • to promote and advocate for free and open source software
  • to support and assist with Linux related challenges
  • and to socialize with peers who have common interests

Meetings are held both virtually and in person, usually at Strathcona County Public Library.
We would like to find a more centrally-located and technologically equipped venue within Edmonton proper for the monthly meetings. If you know of a location or have space to offer, please let us know! (Contact info below)

Standard Agenda:

6:00pm – Arrival, random chitchat
6:30pm – Welcome & introductions, topic discussion begins
7:30pm – Announcements, open discussion
8:00pm – Event conclusion

Examples of topics that may be discussed or presented include (but not limited to):

  • Exposure to different distributions
  • Workshops on various tools and commands
  • Applications, development and tuning
  • just about anything else Linux-related

We welcome anyone with an interest in Linux and/or open source software and look forward to building the Linux community in Edmonton.

ELUG Meetup: 27 Jun 2024

Presenter: primarily Robin
Topic: Configuration profiles… What are they? What do they do? How do i use them?
Physical location: Strathcona County Public Library, Maple Room; 401 Festival Lane Sherwood Park

Robin S led a discussion about config profile scripts and shell commands, and reviewed many of the shell config and profile commands that he has implemented on his systems.

Subsequent discussion went all over the place:
A couple of things from/by Robin:
Use of brackets:
Just for fun:
* search: “ROFLcopter”
* curl
A brief discussion about linux certification…
Random other:
* Did you know that shift middle-click = paste(?) (but only in certain environments)
* bat (a cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration):
* Shell app on Android = termux
Phone/desktop mirroring:
* KDEconnect
* MacOS+iPhone:

ELUG Meetup: 23 May 2024

Presenter: Lyndon
Topic: Nix the language, Nix the package manager, and Nix(OS) the operating system
Physical location: Edmonton Unlimited, 10107 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, room 119 “Tech+Den”

Lyndon attempted to explain everything nix: the operating system, the package manager, and the scripting language, all in the span of about an hour and a quarter…

(Apologies for having to cut the meeting a little short, as the Edmonton Unlimited meeting space was limited to 8pm.)

ELUG Meetup 25 April 2024

Presenter: Robin
Topic: Review of “make”
Physical location: Strathcona County Public Library, Maple Room; 401 Festival Lane Sherwood Park

Robin gave us a whirlwind tour of the capabilities of the command-line tool make, “a utility for building and maintaining groups of programs (and other types of files) from source code.”

ELUG Meetup 28 March 2024

Presenter: Everyone
Topic: Random
Physical location: Strathcona County Public Library, Maple Room

Random chat about many things… HLS Downloader, KASM, Ollama, LibreOffice scripting,, BSOD on systemd Linux, floppy drives, search engines, issues with AI and chatbots, and how does Stephen Hawking actually use his tech to actually speak?

ELUG Meetup: 29 February 2024

Presenter: You! Everyone!
Topic: Show and/or tell
Physical location: Strathcona County Public Library; 401 Festival Lane Sherwood Park

Basically a hangout chit-chat about random bits of tech and linuxy things…

Lyndon showed us how he uses “paperless”, a virtual document tracking app, for tracking receipts and bills and things. Very cool.

ELUG Meetup: 25 January 2024

Presenter: Robin S
Topic: An overview of some distributed/clustered filesystems
Physical location: Strathcona County Public Library, Maple Room; 401 Festival Lane Sherwood Park

Robin introduced us to a variety of different distributed filesystems, and walked through some of the basic features of MooseFS, SeaweedFS, JuiceFS, and a few others.

ELUG Meetup: 28 December 2023

Physical location: Boston Pizza, 4804 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB
Virtual location: none

Thanks to everyone who came out to the December social. It was so nice to see and meet everyone in person, including a few new faces.

Good eats, good conversation, good company, good times.

ELUG Meetup: 23 November 2023

Topic: bash ‘vim mode’ and general discussion
Presenter: Rajiv
Physical location: Strathcona County Public Library, Maple Room; 401 Festival Lane Sherwood Park

ELUG Meetup: 26 October 2023

Topic: Tools to use to detect and block bad “stuffs”
Presenter: Rajiv
Physical location: Strathcona County Public Library, Maple Room

Rajiv walked through a list of tools that are useful in managing computer and connectivity security in Linux-centric environments.

rootkit hunter: rkhunter
ELK: (community edition)
Zeek: (packet capture)
Google Rapid Response:
Privacy badger:

Random other links: