ELUG Meetup: August 27, 2020

Rick ran through a Pi-hole demo for the group, showing us to implement a simple network level block for advertisements and trackers. Now you can explore the internet without the nuisance and distractions. If you’d like to follow along you can run through the notes that Rick provided as well some videos that he thinks you should check out!

Install Raspbian
---- make sure the Micro Card is blank----
I use Gparted and ;  Delete all partitions   # There can be some weird stuff hanging around.
Then  'Create partition table' under the Device tab.  #  This messed me up a few times too .
Das Geek Video
Pi-Hole - Setup Network-wide Ad Blocking w_ Raspberry Pi
The Link :
Timestamp ;  2:45 ==== Note of how it Does Not Download Adds to Save D/L bandwidth --Neat
Timestamp :  4:15 run the curl script below
curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash
Timestamp 7:25 Note the Assigned IP address of the Pi-Hole
Timestamp  9:50  # Note the http://pi.hole/admin or   # My Pi IP is 43
+++++++  note the Login password
Timestamp 12:00 Router setup