This book is mostly common sense that I suspect most Systems Administrators know about, but have seldom formalized in any manor. What that means for most of us, then, is that we know what we should do - Really! - but we just never get around to doing so.

I'm sure that most of us would think that a PDA is highly recommended for this purpose, and we would be correct. However, I was pleased to see that the author gave equal attention to the use of a PAA (Personal Analog Assistant), for those who can't afford, or choose not to use, a PDA.

The book includes the usual list of time saving items like delegation, a system for dealing with interruptions, etc., but they are all given from the System Administrator's perspective. This means, then, that our unique situations and needs are addressed. Why are our needs different from everyone else's? Because we have a special combination of project and interrupt driven work that most other people do not have.

I particularly like the inclusion of the use of 'make' for unintended purposes, to make life easier. I know some admins who do this, but I haven't seen it mentioned very often. Also learn about the 'Cycle System,' a simple habit forming technique to get you doing the right thing.

This book is easy to read, well organized, and has a touch of humor spread throughout. Certainly on my 'Recommended' list.