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This book is intended for code writers: developers and programmers. The purpose is to give you some specific and general ideas on how to make your time more productive.

The editing was good - I didn't notice any obvious errors, as I do with most books.

What I did is read from cover to cover, and as I went, I started implementing things that I could (that I wasn't already doing). I've definitely experienced an improvement in productivity, so I recommend this book on that basis alone.

I thought the most amusing line in the book was: "General standardization across development teams and development communities is a good thing. It allows people to read each other's code more easily, understand idioms more readily, and avoid wildly idiomatic coding (except perhaps in the Perl community)." This was definitely tongue in cheek. The quality of Perl code, like Forth code, is completely dependent on the skills of the programmer, as opposed to the constraints of the language.

There are some interesting anecdotes to illustrate many of the ideas. All good stuff.

But I will note that a lot didn't apply to me (which is okay - it could be useful to you), because I didn't program in an environment where something was an issue, for example.

A final note: The book doesn't stop at the last page. There is also a website where readers can contribute their own ideas for programmer productivity. That will be my next stop.

With this book, you should be able to improve your way of thinking. Recommended.

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