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This book is set up along the same lines as O'Reilly's Cookbook series or their Hacks series: A recipe format - How do I ...? And a working solution. It is the second edition, but since I haven't seen the first, I don't know what changes and, hopefully, improvements have been made.

I like that it is easy to find a problem and solution I can implement right away. Although most people may not want to read the book from cover to cover, there's nothing about the format and layout that would be an obstacle. I find that it's best for simply finding a solution.

I don't like that I found at least one solution that involved Javascript rather than straight CSS, when I know there is a CSS-only solution. Not serious, I suppose. After all, you can't expect a single book to give you all the answers, and it doesn't hurt to have choices.

It's the first book that I actually found a straight forward method of using CSS for layout (instead of tables). Other books just said it could or should be done, but never went into enough detail.

In addition to the basics, there are helpful tips for navigation, tables, forms, cross-browser stuff, as well as accessibility considerations.

Definitely a good resource for my bookshelf.

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