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One of the great things to come along, especially for those who want to be able to show others how great Linux really is, is the concept of the LiveCD - Boot up a Linux CD on a Windows system and take that test drive, without worrying that you might lose your Windows setup.

Brickner takes this a step further by including a book with the Linux LiveCD. Why is that great? Because you can just give (or lend) it to a friend, and you probably won't need to to babysit them. This book will do it for you! They can follow along directly, doing all the things they did with Windows (and then some!), and all the things that we do with Linux: Web surfing with ad blockers, email without viruses, instant messaging, music, videos, office productivity, graphics, and easy desktop customizations.

Whether you want to introduce Linux to yourself or someone else, this is the easy way to do it. Highly recommended.

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