Short, sweet, cute. This is a collection of 650+ emoticons (short ASCII character representations of faces, showing particular emotions), along with some history and related information.

With the written word, how do you really express yourself so that your words and intention are not misconstrued? Well, for some there's truly no hope :-) but for the rest of us there are emoticons. My last sentence demonstrated exactly what I am trying to describe. By putting the smiley face (tilt your head to the left when you look at ":-)" and you will see a face, smiling - I hope) after the first piece of text, most Internet savvy people would recognize that I am joking, and that it should not be taken seriously.

Obviously, ASCII characters can only go so far towards conveying emotion, but if you really need something specific, you will probably find it here. Personally, I'll stick with the basics:

8-()Oh My!

Still, this short work is an entertaining read, especially if you wanted to go further than emotions, and see what certain animals or celebreties look like.