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First thing's first: Make sure you have RAW settings on your digital camera (as they all are different). If you can't shoot RAW, this book won't be of any help to you.

Although this book is quite fuzzy on what a RAW file actually is, it gives a great overview on what the Adobe Bridge is and how to use it to manage your images.

"Photoshop CS2 RAW" goes into great detail the tools to use within Photoshop to achieve the perfect image. A background in photography or design would be considered an asset before purchasing the book. Knowing terminology within these subjects will ease the learning curve and quicken the pace.

I would rate this book useful to someone with intermediate to advanced skills.

If I had one beef about the book it would be that some of the recipes seemed “rushed.” In a traditional cookbook, you would find a recipe that will either point you to another recipe required for a portion of the recipe, or have the recipe reprinted as part of the new recipe. Though periodically the book would do this, I found that this was typically done at the beginning, sometimes as we proceeded through the book, this practice wasn't kept up, and I would find myself searching through the book for the recipe that had covered the step that was mentioned but not referenced or explained.

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