As a programmer I am interested in the other side of Oracle, the administration side. What needs doing and how is it done.

First off, this book covers Oracle 7 and 8. I don't know if things have changed in Oracle 9 or 10, but it would be nice to have the book a little more current (even if it is just stated in the foreward "things haven't changed much in Oracle 10". Secondly, this is a reference text. In the past, reading references for me has been hit and miss – some can be followed cover to cover, some should only be used for lookup purposes. For me, Oracle Database Administration was one of the latter. The reading was so dry that even roving from chapter to chapter could not hold my interest for long.

This does not mean this is a poor book. The job of a reference text is to give answers to specific questions with no extra fat. As I have never performed Oracle dba work, I don't know if it does the job or not. I just know that it didn't give me what I wanted – an interesting peek into database administration.

I rate this book 3 out of 10.