I program for a living, and was interested in what PL/SQL had to offer. I wanted to know how the language compared to others I already knew, where it was lacking and where it shone.

Oracle PL/SQL Programming provided just about everything I was looking for. The chapter layout was logical, the examples were short and to the point, the gotchas were illuminating, and the writing style made comfortable reading. Chapter 5 (loops) was particularly instructive, as Oracle seems to have left the beaten path on several of its looping structures. I also appreciated the author pointing out some of the shortcomings of the language and how to work around them (working with the various date data types comes to mind). One small request for the 4th edition of this book would include a more in depth chapter 19 on code optimization (common mistakes and better ways to achieve the same results).

I rate this book an 8.5 out of 10. Well done.