The MySQL Reference Manual is a rather huge (some 800 pages) book. The application is large and powerful. Is it possible to condense that much information into a small format, 80+ pages, "Pocket Reference" and still be useful. On my first "speed read" through it, I think that is the case.

It is reasonably laid out and what is there is fairly easily found. It is not just a listing of command syntaxes, but also includes some examples and explanations, also.

It's been a while since I've done a lot of direct work with Oracle, but because it and MySQL follow the same SQL standards, I know it will be easy to get back into it. I intend to have this little reference handy when I do. While I do not expect that it contains everything I may need, I am confident that the reference will be like cache memory and return a high percentage of hits for what I am looking for. It will be very convenient having this small source for initial lookups and syntax reminders than having to go through other large references that are available every time I feel the need.