Just like any other cookbook, this one is chock full of recipes. Where do your MySQL tastes run today?

This is a large work - nearly 1000 pages. The book is organized into 19 categories for a total of 314 separate recipes.

Each recipe follows the same general format: Short statements are made to define a specific problem, and a specific solution. The discussion is devoted to as much information as is required to describe the steps required to solve the problem.

There are recipes covering many aspects of handling data with MySQL, including simple problems like sending query output to a file. Most of the information describes methods of using the MySQL language to manipulate data in some fashion. By comparison, there is little regarding other language programming solutions, although there are four categories dealing with MySQL and the web.

The author is also a major contributor to the MySQL Reference Manual. The book is a handy for when you have a problem and do not want to have to reinvent the wheel.