Using Moodle is an excellent resource for any educator wishing to use Moodle. Moodle is an easy course management system for educators, administrators, and especially students. The book is divided into areas: what is Moodle?, setting up, using the modules, and administration. The book is devoted mostly to the modules which is primarily what educators using Moodle are most interested in.

Mr Cole has done an excellent job in presenting the various educational modules within Moodle. Each module has a chapter devoted to it, with the first half concerning the mechanics of setting up and running the module and the second half devoted to advice on how to use the module effectively. Moodle is an easycourse management system to use but with Mr Cole's instruction and advice the educational value of the courses run on Moodle is greatly enhanced.

This is an excellent resource for any educator using Moodle and even for those not using Moodle. For those looking for technical information on Moodle the best resource is