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Mind Performance Hacks provides real-life tips and tools for overclocking your brain and becoming a better thinker. In the increasingly frenetic pace of today's information economy, managing your life requires hacking your brain. With this book, you'll cut through the clutter and tune up your brain intentionally, safely, and productively. View Table of Contents

Reviewer Background: High functioning and long time thinker, probably an outlier with respect to "average" mental properties.

Content Type: Almost a reference book, in that a person probably would wantto revisit the book on a continuing basis to sharpen skills presented.

Content Level: Overall it seems to be approachable to the average person on the street, but in detail it probably goes beyond what the average person would understand. Probably a reasonable book for those whose profession is thinking.

Features: There are quite a few links to outside resources scattered throughout the book, but quite often the links are broken. Most of the time a person can track down the resource with a search engine. Perhaps O'Reilly/author could cache these resource links, so that they actually are available?

Style: Written in a very friendly style. Not written like a textbook.

Rating: Of the 75 "hacks" presented in the book, I can see about 10-15% being useful to me. And probably another 10-15% aren't applicable due to me being an outlier mentally. Some of the hacks might be of more use to someone younger, who hasn't learned or seen a need for some of the material presented. The material presented likely isn't going to turn your brain into some kind of supercomputer overnight, but will help over a lifetime. I can also see a use in having the book to help out other people in your life who might not read a book like this.

Table of Contents

 Chapter 1. Memory 
Chapter 2. Information Processing
Chapter 3. Creativity
Chapter 4. Math
Chapter 5. Decision Making
Chapter 6. Communication
Chapter 7. Clarity
Chapter 8. Mental Fitness

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