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I'll admit right off the bat that I'm a reluctant reviewer on this one. The fact is, we've been waiting several years for the person who requested this book for review to actually review it, and since it doesn't look like it will ever happen, I've decided to do it myself. I'm not personally into novels.

Compared to most novels, this one seems rather short in story - the pages are few and the type is large. However, the story line, hacking into the U.S. 2004 election, is only one third of the "book." The other two thirds are the appendices, which explain the hacking technology behind the novel, and a CD which you may want to use to try to "hack along." Perhaps this novel approach will appeal to you. (There was a related contest, but that must surely be over, since the prize was a free pass to Black Hat USA 2005.)

The implication is that it is very possible to hack into the voting system. Based on my experience doing work for several TLA (Three Letter Acronym) organizations in the past, as well as the experiences of certain relatives, acquaintenances, and associates, I'd have to say that it is entirely possible. It doesn't necessarily mean that it will happen. You need to realize that the "target" has far more resources available to it to stop such a hack than any hacker has to be successful, but it similarly doesn't mean that mistakes (or even "intentionals") don't happen. Have I piqued your conspiracy creativity? Believe me - it does happen...

However, this is just a novel, right?

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