As with any cookbook, this one is chock full of recipes. This book is well over 500 pages and includes 24 chapters. Each recipe has the format of Problem Definition, Solution, Discussion, and a "See Also" list.

What I like is that you can find a solution to a problem by simply browsing the table of contents. First, select the general area of interest by chapter, and then look for the specific entry that matches your problem. Obviously, this is not an all-inclusive book, but it does tell you how to go about finding information for topics not included in the book. There's probably something in here for everyone, and even experienced administrators can learn a thing or two. Certainly, beginners can bring themselves up to speed in many areas with this book's content.

What I do not like is that some topic areas are lacking, or focused on specific packages. For example, while most Linux distributions have a default Postfix mail server, anyone wanting to do any real SMTP email will choose qmail instead, but only Postfix is covered. This is good for someone sticking with the default install, perhaps. Similarly, the spam coverage is quite weak, with topics that integrate things with Postfix only, and that suggest techniques that are not very effective. But my opinion in this area is obviously biased, since I have found nothing that compares with the effectiveness of MERCMAIL Inc.'s Email Validation Service (EVS Mail), which I developed.

Although I have yet to actually read through the book cover to cover, I have already found some interesting tidbits that apply to work that I am currently engaged in. When I have some idle time, I'll be looking at some of the other recipies more closely.

Overall, a good book for anyone looking to understand and/or solve problems across, the general topic of Linux.