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This book should take you from zero to cruising speed with SQL in a relatively short time. As the subtitle suggests, it's "A Pain-Free Introduction to SQL..." and I agree. I haven't done database for several years, and I found this book to be an excellent roadmap to both re-learning and new learning.

Although the examples are all for MySQL 4.1.11 (Yeah! The database I'll be using) on Windows (Ahem), differences in code are pointed out for various other databases, notably Oracle and SQL Server. MySQL is just as easy to install on Linux, so it was very easy to test examples and try the exercises.

The author makes no claim to get into anything indepth, or even into everything, period. However, what is presented is more than enough to get most people started and productive, and there are further resources recommended, including books and websites. Since I'm converting an existing application to use a database backend, I was able to note some specific techniques that will apply, so I'm ready to use them when the time comes.

Recommended, for both an introduction and a review.

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