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One should be careful when trying to critique a classic that some consider on a par with the Bible itself - if you are to be believed at all!

Yes, this is the classic 'llama book,' revised for the fifth time, from the folks who teach Perl at Stonehenge Consulting. It's the book that probably more Perl programmers cut their teeth on than any other. My first exposure to the Perl language was on the first edition of the book, and when I had questions, they were promptly answered by one of the authors. This edition includes some useful information on changes incorporated in the Perl 5.10 version.

As good an introduction to Perl that this books is, however, you need to remember that this is an introduction, and not an exhaustive reference - you'll need several feet of bookshelf space just for the additional Perl information O'Reilly has (and I'll have them all, soon!).

Also, the information is a good introduction and grounding in the language. However, I've actually found another book to be more useful as a keyboard-side companion, but then, I'm not using this other book to learn - just as a helping hand.

The major audience, of course, is the beginning Perl programmer. And it doesn't hurt old Perl hands to skim through it for a refresher. I'll probably get every new edition that comes out.

4.5/5 Stars

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