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Thomas Meyer has put a lot of (mostly summary) information into a 65 page PDF file. As he suggests, the purpose is not to provide a lot of detail for all of the techniques, but to consolidate a lot of things with ideas for making it all work together.

Since the document is focused on the Web, most of the content surrounds the idea of getting someone to your Web landing page, and processing the resulting information.

I was hoping for a few tidbits that I didn't already know, and managed to find some. I was surprised that he mentioned what I think is an obscure source that I already knew about.

If you are not already familiar with the concepts of generating leads for your business, you will have a lot of additional reading to do. If you are, then you may find this a handy reference and resource.

My usual gripes are about editing, but there's not much negative to say here. I only found one minor item that should have been corrected, and another minor item (double quotes used in place of the apostrophe, in many (all?) places), which might be attributable to a font translation issue between the PDF and the display it was printed from.

Overall, a worthwhile read for anyone who needs to gather business leads using the Web.

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