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I do not recommend this book unless you are already versed in another programming language. I am a graphics and website designer, without that background, and I found it difficult, though not completely unmanageable.

The author admits that the first several chapters are bland, but should be considered necessary so that you understand the terminology. "Speaking the same language" is essential. My main criticism would have to be that the script examples do not have visual imagery to support them. While not strictly necessary for linear/logical thinkers (the major audience of this book), it would go a long way to help spatial/creative thinkers such as myself.

An associate (who does have some programming background) and I were able to make sense of some Javascript scripts we implemented or are considering implementing, and we have been able use the book to help us make changes.

Worthwhile as a reference. Perhaps I'll make deeper forays into the programming side of websites, now.

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