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SMS is "Short Message Service." Most people are familar with it as the Text Messaging feature of their cell phone. I am not a big fan of SMS for its social aspects, as it is too easy to get lost in the technology at the expense of having a real life. On the other hand, I have made good use of it for providing critical event information (though the technology is not the most reliable). A big use for SMS is as a commercial service, and that is what this document addresses.

Program examples are in Python, so experience with that language, or at least some programming background, can be useful. The text is very readable and understandable, otherwise, if your are not so inclined.

Consider this document as something as a how-to (go figure!) on how to set up an SMS service. That is, steps to go through, resources, etc. so that you can have customers that receive your announcements, request your information, or tally up votes for "American Idol."

While this is not a complete document by any means, you should be able to use it to test the concepts, and decide where to go from there.

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