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At just over 125 pages, this book is short and definitely sweet. The subtitle is, "Essential Knowledge for Frontend Engineers."

As the book front says, there are 14 Steps to Faster-Loading Websites that are covered. It's very difficult to find any fluff at all. The techniques are covered in priority order, those that produce the best results first. Not all techniques will apply to all websites, but many will. Also, many well known sites are compared for how well they implement (or not) these techniques.

Each technique is backed by enough background to let you understand why they work, and URLs are provided to allow you to experience and test the concepts without having to do too much work.

I particularly enjoyed the author's note, on several occasions, that a lot of things were either difficult or impossible with Internet Explorer. Even though it remains the most popular browser, one has to ask why? But I'll get off my soapbox.

I found this to be an excellent book. I'm able to apply what I've learned to a variety of websites I have access to or tinker with, and I'm not a webmaster.

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