I got off to a bad start when I looked at the first schematic diagram in the Basics (first) chapter and found that everything was labelled with letters, but the text referred to numbers. I decided to be less critical for this book. Why? Because it's a fun book.

There are details for fifteen projects, from the impractical (turning a Classic Mac computer into an aquarium - without using a screensaver!) to the further impractical (turning a tall building into a low-res dot matrix display).

Did I say it was a fun book? It's also an educational book. Each project is introduced by a cost/time/difficulty chart, so you can select where you are right now and build on your previous experience. A list of required tools are provided, as are parts sources, schematics, and step by step instructions.

Did I say it was a fun book? It's also a practical book. Maybe you need to get some distance for your point to point wireless network. Perhaps you need to do some intrusion detection and monitoring. Or you are just helping out at the Computer Recyclers and have too many Classic Macs sitting around!

Will I try any of the projects myself? Maybe. I've always wanted a wearable computer…