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Per the warning on the back of the book, modifying your cable modem may violate your service agreement, and doing so may put you at risk of being banned from one or more ISPs for life.

Does that make things more challenging? Perhaps I'll simply suggest that, as I did, you glean the knowledge presented simply for the joy of knowledge. Although I have used cable broadband in the past, I now use a more direct wireless, so can't be accused of taking advantage of this knowledge.

23 chapters, two appendices, and 280 pages lead you through some history, standards, and protocols, through techniques and specific things to look for and work towards. Details are provided for specific cable modem models. And, of course, the biggie is answered: How to remove the cap.

Seriously, though, there is plenty of useful information and methodology in this book. This makes it very educational. Learn what it really means to "hack," in the original sense of the term, rather than to "crack." DerEngle is a good teacher. The book is well organized. This is a good read for several different audiences...

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