The amazing thing about reading this book, which is about all the hidden or unknown features and functions of Google is that it is so totally unnecessary. I conclude this from having shared the book with numerous other computer users who are pretty much at my own status....mid-level users with experience that is long in years but not deep in the ways of command line and such.

My reaction to the book was...."Who Knew? I mean....Google is a search engine, works great, what more do you need?" So as you flip through the book, you see that every page is like opening a door onto another room. There's just so much.

I see the point to having this book by your computer, and each day looking at the next example....and after a year or so, you'd be a real Google-guru compared to the common user. Also, I imagine that those more handy with command line would be able to skim through the topics and find a few gems that would just rock....improve their life, working skills and overall bragging rights.

Perhaps the reason I'm still such a neophyte with command line is that I have not made a program of having books like this and doing a "one-a-day" exercise from the book.