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The great news about the Internet is that you can find nearly all the information you could ever want, if you keep searching. The bad news about the Internet is that you can find nearly all the information you could ever want, if you keep searching! This book has more information than I, personally, could ever use on the topic, and it's all in one place...

Whether you are wanting to earn a residual income from your website (by using Google advertising on your site - AdSense), or to drive surfers to your website (by using Google advertising elsewhere - AdWords), this is definitely a great resource.

The book has four basic sections:

Though I am not really interested in trying to make money from my websites themselves, I still found it worthwhile to browse through the first two sections. They contain lots of advice that apply to creating good websites for humans and search engines, which are applicable to everyone.

The AdWords section was the most useful for me, as it detailed how to use the many tools available to create and monitor ad campaigns intended to bring traffic to your website as a result of targeted exposure on Google search results pages or AdSense advertising on other sites. If you have a product or service to sell, this is what you need.

If you are an advertising or marketing professional or consultant, the APIs section could prove valuable. Trying to manage thousands of ad campaigns, particularly when they are for different clients, can be very tedious. The APIs allow you to do a bit of programming so you can pull and present the data in whatever way suits you.

My usual gripes about the editing do not apply here - this is the first book I've read, in a very long time, that didn't have some kind of edit problem jump out at me. How refreshing! Maybe not a book for absolute beginners, as there is a lot of detail, but the usefulness can grow on you.

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