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Monitoring workflow today can involve orchestrating massive systems. Business Process Management (BPM) helps developers design, code, run, administer, and monitor enterprise business processes. This guide explains BPM concepts, architecture and specifications, and then teaches you how to develop process-oriented applications using free tools. View Table of Contents

Reviewer Background: Has grown up with family businesses since 1967. Studied some material consistent with a MBA.

Content Type: Intended for people with a technical knowledge of business.

Content Level: Knowledge of business at a MBA level is needed. Knowledge of GUI development environments, XML and Java would be useful as well.

Features: A fair number of diagrams and some code is included. Contains a reasonable survey of commercial and OpenSource products.

Style: Typical of popular, technical computer books.

Rating: I think the idea of business process modeling is important to almost all business. However, this book is beyond small and many medium sized businesses. It is probably useful to business process modeling consultants.

Table of Contents


Part One. Concepts

1. Introduction to Business Process Modeling
     The Benefits of BPM
     BPM Acid Test: The Process-Oriented Application
     The Morass of BPM

2. Prescription for a Good BPM Architecture
     Designing a Solution
     Components of the Design

3. The Scenic Tour of Process Theory
     Family Tree
     The Pi-Calculus
     Petri Nets
     State Machines and Activity Diagrams

4. Process Design Patterns
     Design Patterns and the GoF
     Process Patterns and the P4
     Basic Patterns
     Advanced Branch and Join Patterns
     Structural Patterns
     Multiple Instances Patterns
     State-Based Patterns
     Cancellation Patterns
     Yet Another Workflow Language (YAWL)
     Additional Patterns
     Process Coding Standards

Part Two. standards

5. Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)
     Anatomy of a Process
     BPEL Example
     BPEL in a Nutshell
     BPEL and Patterns

6. BPMI Standards: BPMN and BPML

7. The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC)
     The Reference Model

8. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C): Choreography
     About the W3C
     Choreography and Orchestration

9. Other BPM Models
     OMG: Model-Driven BPM
     ebXML BPSS: Collaboration
     Microsoft XLANG: BPEL Forerunner
     IBM WSFL: BPEL Forerunner
     BPEL, XLANG, and WSFL

Part Three. Examples

10. Example: Human Workflow in Insurance Claims Processing
     Oracle BPEL Process Manager
     Setting Up the Environment
     Developing the Example
     Testing the Example

11. Example: Enterprise Message Broker
     What Is a Message Broker?
     Example: Employee Benefits Message Broker

Key BPM Acronymns


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