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From the outside back cover: "Astound your friends! Amaze your colleagues! Worry your family!" This statement accurately sums up the contents of the book. It certainly isn't the stuff of "thinkgeek.com", which has more of a mass market appeal. Kaden's projects are simply in a different class altogether.

Interested in an alternative messaging system to email? Build a projectile launcher. But this isn't the Nerf(TM) device you might be thinking of. Kaden's project takes research, thought, and special care in construction and finishing. Completed projects are more than functional - they are guaranteed to be the topic of conversation with whoever sees them.

Chapters on actual cubicle accessories are interspersed with lots of what he calls "Nano Projects" - either safety or utility projects, or material sourcing.

I think most people will appreciate Kaden's writing style and his ability to combine crude street language with real knowledge of the items his projects are based on. Oh, and the part about worrying your family? I'm sure they would wonder about anyone who had a fully functional (not a magician's prop) guillotine on their desk, fully capable of removing digits.

The project that particularly fascinates me is the "DeskBeam Bass." It's a smaller version of the 18' super bass called the "Blaster Beam," which was the sound of the V'ger in the first Star Trek movie (and purportedly linked to spontaneous orgasms by female audience members during live performances by The Grateful Dead and others). I like my bass...

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