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Design and Construction is not just great for beginners, but for the intermediate as well. It has a great introduction of what Dreamweaver is and what to use it for. It has a refresher course on HTML, Javascript and CSS. For those that don't know the basics of these programming and markup languages, I suggest you do at least a bit of research.

This book is not as technical as the other books O'Reilly publishes, but speaks in a language we all can understand. There are also little tidbits ("techtalk") on certain subjects that beginners might not know.

One thing that I had a little trouble with is how slowly the book starts off, but if you have patience, you'll be just fine. Also, Campbell is biased in his programs — he explains about how to use other Macromedia programs in conjunction with Dreamweaver, and not Adobe, etc.

Campbell gives the whole background on Dreamweaver as well as some advanced lessons. The best part about this, book in my opinion, is the total breakdown of the process of building a website and how to execute it. It's a great book for designers that aren't too heavy into the programming side of things. After all, Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG tool.

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