About 300 plus pages of mostly useful content. Although a real background and training in design would be useful in reading this book, the author does a nice job of bridging the gap between that sort of reader, and someone (like myself) who simply wants to make their application interfaces more efficient, effective, or just plain nicer.

As such, the book deals with user interfaces for a variety of applications, including web and graphics apps. The book is broken down into various types of interfaces, with such titles as Organizing the Content, Getting Around, and Making it Look Good.

Each section starts with a general description followed by a list of patterns. Each pattern is then detailed with consistent headings, such as what, why, and examples. In many ways, this is modelled on the recipe books - select what you want and follow the instructions to apply it to what you are working on.

A potentially useful book for anyone who must design a user interface to their technical wonder.