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It is amazing to see how one author can do so much to redeem a publisher. As compared to the rest of the O'Reilly books I have had the pleasure to read lately, Designing Large Scale LANs is miles ahead. Its writing style, its ability to keep moving with enough speed to keep a person reading while still delivering more information than one could ever need to know to get started in the process of designing anything from a small home network to a large, multi-protocol network traversing multiple mediums.

I would in a heartbeat recommend this book to anyone who wanted to learn on such a topic. It is perfect for its intended audience - those looking to understand the concept of networking, from designing the actual paths the data will traverse, to calculating the reliability of the network, to creating a bulletproof network that could be taken down only be God himself. It is by far the best resource of information on this subject. To the point I bought my own copy just to have in my library for easy access.

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