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After reading this book, I have to say that I either want to stay away from website design, or do nothing but — when trying to follow best website design practices, you can't do that and something else as there just won't be time!

I think this book could well give "The Book of Lists" a run for its money. List after list after list. Generally speaking, I try to leave the real website design to the experts, but this book has been useful on two accounts for me, and all I do is dabble in it. The first is that it has identified improvements I could make for what I do, and the second is that it helps me to evaluate the work of others who are doing this work for me.

Although there is a lot of direct information in these 300+ pages, Shirley really loads up your reading schedule with lots of links and book suggestions to further take up all of your free time. She tells you what you should do, and why, without telling you exactly how to do it. These are guidelines, not exact recipes for accomplishing your task.

A good book for the website dabbler or a manager who is responsible for a website, and a great book for those actually doing the creating.

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