Designing Embedded Hardware from O'Reilly is a very good introductory embedded system design book. It is easy to understand, and the descriptions of the micro-controllers, peripherals and interfacings are short and sweet that are enough to get you start on your own embedded system design project.

The book starts with the basic fundamentals on mciro-controllers, eletronics components, schematic capture, and circuit board layout. Then it describes different kinds of micro-controllers, i.e., PIC, AVR, 68000-Series, and DSP-Based micro-controllers. At last, it talks about different interfacings and peripherals for the micro-controllers.

Since it is only an introductory book and the intended auidences are software professionals, young engineers, and hobbists, the descriptions of the micro-controllers and peripherals are not in the details that some readers may expected. The micro-controllers that the writer talked about are the Microchip PIC12C508, ATMEL AVR ATtiny15, Motorola 68000-Series, and Motorola DSP56800-Series DSP processor. There is no Assembly and C Codes for any of these processors. It only has the descriptions like pin descriptions, how to connect the peripherals, and external RAM and ROM to the controllers, reset and interrupt circuitries, and hardware decoders. All of the descriptions are very simple and if the readers want to know more about the controllers, they need to go to the manufacturer sites to look for the data sheet.

The descriptions for the Interfacings and Peripherials are also simple, but interesting. The interfacings that the writer mentioned in the book are SPI, I2C, RS-232, RS-422, IrDA, and USB. I am familiar with RS-232, but SPI, I2C and USB are totally new to me; therefore, it is very helpful for me by reading these kind of short descriptions of them before I dive into any of these interfacings in the future.

Gerenally, the book is very well written by the author. The descriptions for the processors, interfacings, and peripherals are very easy to understand. It is a good book for starters who want to learn more about and get into Embedded System design. However, it is too simple for readers who know about Embedded Systems.