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The other title is "Best of The Perl Journal," and there's over 700 pages from the former magazine series. We all know that the magazine is no more, and has been for quite some time. That would make the material dated - sort of.

When I cracked the book open, the first information I found was immediately valuable to a project I was working on. I checked the table of contents for some similar information, and found yet another article that helped me out. Maybe "classic" is a more appropriate term than "dated."

I certainly agree that this is the best of TPJ. It's like the Cookbook series, but so much more. Want to see just a little of what Perl can do? This book will be a good read. It will be a companion for quite a while before I finish it, and all the while I'll be looking for ways to make my own work better.

Stars: 5/5

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