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This book covers complex techniques for managing production-ready Perl programs and explains methods for manipulating data and objects that may have looked like magic before. It gives you necessary background for dealing with networks, databases, and GUIs, and includes a discussion of internals to help you program more efficiently and embed Perl within C or C within Perl. View Table of Contents

Reviewer Background: An old-time FORTRAN programmer who has branched out into many different kinds of programming, including a partial port of perl (perl-4.x?) to QNX-2 back in the late 80's.

Content Type: Textbook for an exceedingly rich programming language.

Content Level: Mixture of advanced and intermediate.

Features: A fair amount of code is presented in the book. Code presented at the beginning of the book is seldom of the cookbook variety. Code in the latter part of the book can almost be used in a cookbook fashion. References are presented on a per-chapter basis.

Style: Typical of other perl books from O'Reilly. Quite easy to read.

Rating: NOTE: This is the old (1997) book. Simon Cousins has completely rewritten a new version released in 2005. Comparing the Table of Contents between the two editions suggests that the new edition is a complete rewrite. I would suggest that intermediate level perl programmers buy a copy of this out of print book if they happen across a used copy. The beginning chapters provide a good mix with the content of Intermediate Perl, which was released in 2006.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Data References and Anonymous Storage 
Chapter 2. Implementing Complex Data Structures
Chapter 3. Typeglobs and Symbol Tables
Chapter 4. Subroutine References and Closures
Chapter 5. Eval
Chapter 6. Modules
Chapter 7. Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 8. Object Orientation: The Next Few Steps
Chapter 9. Tie
Chapter 10. Persistence
Chapter 11. Implementing Object Persistence
Chapter 12. Networking with Sockets
Chapter 13. Networking: Implementing RPC
Chapter 14. User Interfaces with Tk
Chapter 15. GUI Example: Tetris
Chapter 16. GUI Example: Man Page Viewer
Chapter 17. Template-Driven Code Generation
Chapter 18. Extending Perl: A First Course
Chapter 19. Embedding Perl: The Easy Way
Chapter 20. Perl Internals
Appendix A. Tk Widget Reference
Appendix B. Syntax Summary

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