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My experience with McClelland's "One on One" didn't start off very well. First off, instead of providing "drag and drop" files on the DVD, the reader must go through several steps of installing files and program preferences. By the time that is completed, the reader is ready for a break.

I found there was little to no explanation on the series of events one would have to go through to to complete a tutorial. For a tutorial book, it didn't meet my standards for helping the reader through the lesson.

One of the only highlights that I found useful was the "Pearls of Wisdom" and random colored pages that showed up every once in a while. The detailed paragraph/ pages gave some background and insight into what wasn't being said in the explanation of a topic.

However, the book holds massive amounts of Photoshop information, techniques and lessons. For beginners, I would recommend starting elsewhere and then pick this book up once you are comfortable working with the program and its environment.

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