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Titles and Electronic Versions of Past Meetings


January 7

ELUG member Daniel O'Neill, owner of Foxmoxie Networks presented on "Internet Protocol version 6 - IPv6". A number of members attended this meeting. Daniel did an extremely fantastic job at presenting the state of IPv6 and how it works as well as answering all of our questions. Thanks Daniel!

Please visit Daniel at, especially if you are in need of IPv6 services.


July 9

ELUG member Tom Opgenorth presented on "Mono and .Net". About 7 of us showed up to the meeting. Tom did a wonderful job presenting what he knows about Mono. Thanks Tom!


July 10

ELUG member Adil Kodian presented on "Real-world implementation of Asterisk".

Voiceover IP is slated to become the next killer application of theInternet. Asterisk, the best open source PBX available today, is amechanism to implement Voice over IP. The quality and level of Asterisktechnology today can compete very well with the best that brand-namecompetitors like Cisco or Avaya have to offer. At the same time thetotal cost of ownership of Asterisk is much lower than a corresponding'branded' solution.

In this talk we will show you a real live implementation ofthe Asterisk PBX at a large and distributed construction companylocated in the same building. Topics for discussion - voip networkarchitecture, causes and solutions for echo on voip calls, calldistortion, PSTN integration, distributed load balancing, very largescale management, SIP phones, quality analysis, T1 interface cards etc.

We will also show you an architecture for a globallydistributed (3 continents) Asterisk based VoIP system we are currentlyin the process of implementing for a client.

As a bonus forattending this session, we will provide free access to our demoAsterisk based IAX server (to be activated mid July). 


Monday, January 10

Danny Bowman informed us of his ongoing school Science Fair project.

Monday, February 7

The February meeting is about Multimedia on Linux, and is to be presented by Maurice Hilarius and/or Mark Lane of Hard Data Ltd. Specific contents beyond that could be MythTV, Asterisk, VoIP, miscellaneous telephony stuff, and Chromium). MythTV I guess turns your PC into a TV recorder. Asterisk is a PBX application. Chromium is some kind of game (I think). Even if the talk doesn't have quite as much content as you might hope in some particular area of multimedia, bring your questions! Especially if they involve one of the formal subtopics. —Gord

Monday, March 7

Lots of general discussion and ad hoc help was served up.

Monday, April 4

Nothing scheduled.

Monday, May 2

Brad "Renderman" Haines is going to give a presentation on wireless security with a practical demonstration of several WEP breaking techniques and other Wi-Fi security concerns in the real world.

Monday, June 6

June talk is "Technical Issues in Publishing Text and Graphics" by Gordon Haverland.

Monday, July 4

Mark Spencer from Red Hat.

Monday, August 8

Roundtable discussions about the shape of Debian's Sid, specific problems users are having, Ubuntu root account management, the usual sorta stuff.

Monday, September 12

Roger Walker will be presenting The Failure of Today's Spam Control Technology. This will be an informal discussion of various technologies in use today. Audience participation is expected, so bring your complaints and your kudos, and we'll have a closer look!

Monday, October 17

October's meeting has been cancelled.

Monday, November 7

Roger Walker will be presenting a demo of the EVS Mail service.

Monday, December 5

We will meet as usual in room GSB 550, then at 7pm head down to the main floor for a tour of the AICT computing centre.


Monday, January 5, 2004

Sent to the ELUG mailing list by Gord, CDI Corporate Education and Oracle talked about the Oracle database on Linux boxes and CDI's Linux certification.

Monday, February 2, 2004

Nothing scheduled.

Monday, March 8, 2004

Title: Linux and Open Source: The View From IBM

Abstract: Where is IBM going with their Linux strategy?
IBM believes Linux to be game changing technology. Jim Elliott, IBM's Linux Advocate, provided an overview of IBM's Linux strategy.

Jim covered:
  • Linux Overview, Value and Marketplace:
    A brief overview of Linux and Open Source and the value to customers
  • Linux Usage:
    How Linux is being used by today and our view of the future
  • Linux: Fact or Fiction:
    Setting right the facts about Linux and what it iscapable of today
  • IBM and Linux: How IBM is using Linux
Bio: Jim Elliott, Advocate, IBM Corporate Linux
A PDF (5.5 MB) of Jim's slide show is available.

Monday, April 5, 2004

Meeting Cancelled.

Monday, May 3, 2004


Monday, June 7, 2004


Monday, July 5, 2004

A Monday afternoon decision resulted in a screening of Revolution OS.

Monday, August 9, 2004

Nothing scheduled.

Monday, September 13, 2004

The meeting started off with the Annual OSUS meeting during which a new executive board was nominated and elected. RenderMan followed the OSUS meeting with an exploration of a LinkSys wireless router and some of the things you can do with it besides simply routing traffic.

Monday, October 4, 2004

Randal Bartsch from Novell Inc. will be presenting SuSE Linux Enterprise Server v9 (SLES9), which is due out in September, and updating us with what has been going on at Novell since their acquisition of SuSE Linux.

Monday, November 1, 2004

Peter Gulutzan from MySQL will be talking about why it's fun to work with open source and/or the glorious next MySQL version.

Monday, December 6, 2004

Surrey Kim and Dr. Weiguang Shi from Random Knowledge Inc. are dropping by to tell us about a mathematical approach to powerful, scalable, real-time intrusion detection systems called DEFENDTM.


Monday, December 1, 2003

Novell with an overview of their "current positioning in the open source world and a discussion of the technologies available."

Monday, November 3, 2003

Nothing was scheduled...
but you shouldn't let that disuade you from showing up for meertings, as this meeting's summary by Michael Edwards shows.

Monday, October 6, 2003

Steve Bitto continued his exposition on databases by delving into PostGres and MySQL. A document related to the meeting is on the way, and it appears that book reviews could become a regular part of a meeting... see the email message from Steve for more information.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Meeting cancelled because the room was inaccessible.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Steve Bitto spoke about relational databases.

Monday, July 7, 2003

Nothing scheduled.

Monday, June 2, 2003

Numbers on a Computer: Numerical Analysis 101 in 2 hours

Monday, May 5, 2003

Linda Mahoney did "Web-based Email: How I Did It", a summary is available.

Roger continued with part 4 of the Linux tutorial.

Monday, April 7, 2003

Mark Lane presented a book report and introduction to Apache 2.0, complete with notes.

March 3, 2003

Roger Walker presented the third part of a mini Linux tutorial.
A GPG public keys was signed.

February 2003

Roger Walker finished up with the first part of a Linux tutorial then went onto part 2. The PGP keysigning resulted in over half a dozen fingerprints and identities being verified ( PGP key signing party).

January 2003

Roger Walker presented most of his first part of a Linux tutorial based on the LPI Certification book "Linux in a Nutshell". Coverage included parts of a command, shell and environment variables, and a few other related bits prompted by questions from the audience. The meeting closed with a short description by Brad Haines of a proposed, neighbourhood wide, wireless network access setup and a review of available software.


December 2002

There was no topic per se but there was supposed to be discussions about Install Fest, I missed this meeting so I cannot confirm.

November 2002

Security part 2 presented by Brad Haines (Calgary stats) and a round table discussion

September 2002

round table discussion

August 2002

We had multiple presentations, with a common theme of working with and rebuilding the kernel of Linux and BSD systems. An archive of Mark Lane's presentation about creating a custom kernel RPM is available.

July 2002

We welcomed guest speaker Dexter Dombro, President of BearOps. His presentation was less technical and more focused on some of the philosophical areas that have hampered the commercialization of Linux and entry beyond servers into the enterprise. The latest version of BearOps was offered as a door prize.

June 2002

The meeting topic was Digital Photography and Image Processing, presented by Scott Sandeman-Allen.

May 2002

The meeting topic was SMTP, presentated by Gord Haverland. We also were involved in a round table discussion.

April 2002

The meeting topic was backup software. Iain O'Cain did a presentation on Amanda.

March 2002

This meeting was cancelled due to illness.

Februay 2002

Two meeting topics were presented. Maurice Hilarius did a presentation on Hardware and backup strategies. Gord Haverland and Roger Walker did a presentation on scripting.

January 2002

There were two topics at this meeting. The first was a brief introduction to RAID by Brad Haines and Maurice Hilarious [PDF]. The second portion was Gord Haverland's brief introduction to DocBook [ HTML Tarball].


December 2001

Several members with problems brought their computers to the meeting for troubleshooting procedures.

November 2001

Discussion on firewalls, IPtables, and IPchains.

October 2001

"Encryption With GPG"
The minutes of this meeting are available in the KPresenter source or an HTML tarball.

September 2001

Round table session.

August 2001

"A Brief Introduction To Networking Practice and Theory"
For more information: Meeting overview. A list of references is available here.

July 2001

"LaTeX: A Brief History and Tutorial"
Available formats: Gzipped tarball with LaTeX source and PostScript Output.

June 2001

"Linux Security: Information and Misinformation"

May 2001

"Linux Distributions From a Newbie's Perspective":
Available formats: Gzipped PostScript, Portable Document Format, HTML, LaTeX.

April 2001


March 2001

"Rolling your own RBL - Anti-SPAM techniques with Qmail"