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September 2007

We encourage you to visit LSD (Liberating Students Digitally) which is a fairly active Linux student group at the University of Albera. They hold regular installfests

July 28, 2005

LSD's second annual Fall Installfest The U of A student group Liberating Students Digitally ( will be holding the second Installfest of 2005 on September 16th and 17th in the Athletics Lounge, located in the middle of HUB Mall on the U of A campus. Installs will take place between 9AM and 5PM on both days.

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March 30, 2005

LSD is having another InstallFest The U of A student group Liberating Students Digitally (LSD) will be holding the first InstallFest of 2005 on April 8th and 9th at the ETLC building on the U of A campus.

October 4, 2004

Roger Walker has handled the arrangements for a…
presentation by Novell. The regular October ELUG meeting will feature Randal Bartsch from Novell Inc. with an overview of SLES9, and an update of the activity at Novell since they acquired SuSE Linux.

September 22, 2004

Q & A regarding the LSD InstallFest. Ten, or so, questions asked of Chris Quilley about their recent InstallFest.

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August 30, 2002

An IRC channel has been registered at #edmonton-lug

August 25, 2002

2nd Annual Linux Birthday BBQ
Linux BBQ August 25, 2002
August 25, 2002 BBQ

2001 Events

ELUG Celebrated the tenth birthday of Linux on Saturday August 25th, 2001 at 1pm(MST) at Hawrelak Park.
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Got News for ELUG?

If you have news, events, articles, and editorials from in, around, and pertaining to Edmonton and its Linux community, then send it over to us

Who can contribute?

Anyone with an email address and something to report, say regarding, or of interest to the Linux community in Edmonton.

  • Been to a local trade show where a vendor was offering a Linux product, that's news!
  • Know of a business or organization switching to or enhancing their support of Linux, that's news too!
  • Have you figured out how to make the best of your ISP's services with your Linux system, it could be an article!
  • Have you heard about or are you organizing an InstallFest, presentation, seminar, etc… sounds like an event!
  • Want a soapbox to espouse your views on something of interest to the local community, write an editorial!
  • Are you a local Linux friendly business with a product or service of interest to Linux users, there may be a report or article in there somewhere!

What can be contributed?

News reports, event announcements, relevant articles and pertinent editorials.

Contributions can be in any portable format (e.g.: HTML, text, PS, PDF), perhaps even LyX or LaTeX if you want the article to be available in multiple formats. You will need to send in your by-line and the piece or a link to it, include a publish-on date if applicable; anything else needed for the website (the stuff under layout in the Formats section) should be extractable from the piece itself.

Where do I send my contribution?

[Elug email contact form goes here]

It will be helpful if the Subject: is indicative of what the material is about.

When should it be sent?

Best if done at least a couple of days before you want it published on the web.

You can count on a day for your submission to be noticed and acted upon, perhaps another day for the website to get updated. Longer if the Editor needs to chase down links, define jargon, etc.


It keeps the Linux community healthy.

Linux is a true grassroots collaboration, it should have grassroots reporting of what is going on in the community. Mailing lists such as ELUG's can serve this purpose, and are essential for discussions (ELN is not a forum), but mailing lists lack the focus you get from a source dedicated to reporting on issues relevant to the local community.

I hope that by offering a dedicated news source for the local community we can garner the attention of those who are not inclined to subscribe to a mailing list - your contributions will help to achieve this goal.

Editorial Policy

  • Linux related
  • no vulgarity
  • a minimum amount of unexplained jargon

Expect our audience to run the gamut from young and inexperienced to old and wise; if they are not technically proficient they are willing to learn, provided you don't make it too difficult… use links, search URIs, footnotes, and HTML's title attribute where appropriate.


This section will be a reference but is currently incomplete, subject to change, and not necessarily up to date.

  • Articles - Articles are informative pieces with a tendency to explain what is going on or how something works.
  • Editorials - Editorials are considered points of view.
  • Events - Events are in the future, not much is known so little more than an announcement can be made.
  • News - News pieces are about current events.

(Include titles, subject, author name, date, URL's if any, etc...)

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