NOTICE: This website is completely out of date. It is only posted for historical purposes. ELUG activity and updates occur on:

ELUG - edmonton linux users group


If you wish to present a topic, make an announcement on the mailing list or contact us

We invite you to connect with us on

Chat with us in our #edmonton-lug IRC channel on the server. If you have Chatzilla, you can just click the above link to join the channel. For other clients, connect to server and type /join #edmonton-lug


Informal ELUG Meetings on

For informal meetings, we invite you to connect with us on

There are no regularly scheduled monthly meetings

If you wish to speak or present on something related to Linux or Open Source, please join the mailing list and discuss it with the community or you can contact us. This is a great way to practice your presentation and public speaking skills.

Past montly meetings were held:

Date Time Location
First Monday of Every Month 18:45 Room 550 of the General Services Building (GSB) on the University of Alberta campus.
Pre-Meetings - 16:30 before each meeting people gather at Windsor Pub (11712 87 Avenue, a couple blocks west of the south-west corner of the campus) for food and refreshment. All who can make it are welcome.

Past Meetings...