NOTICE: This website is completely out of date. It is only posted for historical purposes. ELUG activity and updates occur on:

ELUG - edmonton linux users group


If you wish to present a topic, make an announcement on the mailing list or contact us

We invite you to connect with us on

Chat with us in our #edmonton-lug IRC channel on the server. If you have Chatzilla, you can just click the above link to join the channel. For other clients, connect to server and type /join #edmonton-lug

Mailing List

The Edmonton Linux Users Group mailing list enables communication among members of ELUG between meetings. Any general subject or announcement relating to linux or ELUG is welcome. You must be a list subscriber to send messages to the list.

How do I subscribe?

Subscribe by sending an email message with a subject of "subscribe" and nothing in the body to You will receive a confirmation message. You must reply to this message to confirm your subscription. At that point you are a member of ELUG.

How do I post to the list?

Messages to will be sent to every ELUG member.

What can I post to the mailing list?

Any message relating to Linux, ELUG, or Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in general.

Can I send off-topic posts?

It is not so much can you as it is should you, to which the answer is NO. If you simply just can not restrain yourself, and don't mind annoying other members (shame on you), then please identify your message as being off-topic by prefixing the subject line with [OT]. For example,
Subject: [OT] My gas bill went through the roof!

I don't want OT posts!

You will need to filter them out yourself. Ask on the mailing list if you need help with how to do that, there are way too many MUAs (Mail User Agents, email programs) and other ways to do it (e.g., procmail) to list here.

Is there an email-to-web gateway available? I want to use a web browser to read the mailing list.

Yes, there is an ELUG Forum. More information can be found on the ELUG Forum home page.

How do I unsubscribe?

To stop receiving posts from the ELUG mailing list you must send a message to

Where can I find archives for the mailing list?

  • From the mailing list server itself, send a blank message to for details
  • Messages older than April 15th, 2005 are at as tar.gz files of the raw ezmlm archives. These archives extend back into the last century.

Mailing list etiquette

Read these etiquette rules

Top-posting v.s. Bottom-posting

Top-posting means when you reply to email from the mailing list, that you put your replies on the top. Bottom posting, obviously, is replying with your response placed under all other responses.

As a LUG, it is the content of the discussion that is what is most important, more so than the placement and layout of the content.