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About Linux

What is Linux?

Linux was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991. From there linux became Open Source and many developers across the Internet have helped in its evolution. This has led to an extremly stable robust xtremly stable robust kernel that now being used by more than just the hackers. Linux is slowly becoming accepted as an aceptable cost efective solution for more and more poeple.

Linux is a UNIX like operating system that can run on almost any personal computer. Linux was first developed for the i386 but has since been ported to other hardware configurations as well. This operating system will function on old and new hardware alike. The minimum is a 386 with 8meg of ram, however Linux will also use the newer hardware. The end result so far is a stable server or workstaion platform that will out-perform most others out there.

Info on the current,past and future kernels can be found at The kernel source can be downloaded from's ftp site or one of the many mirrors they have.

I want Linux. Where can I get it?

Linux is free to download from many sites check out the links page for more info on sites. Linux can be purchased as a distribution as well. It can be found at Comptuer Book Source and at some other computer stores around Edmonton.

I have Linux now how do I get help?

In addittion to the ELUG mailing list, there are usually distribution, and often application specific mailing lists which may be able to help. Come out to a meeting. There may be someone there who can help. There is a large selection of books out there that may be able to help you. The operating system has documentation built in when you install it. This comes in the form of HOWTOs or MAN pages. Another option for support is the newsgroups devoted to Linux. There are quite a few. Above all, just ask questions. Someone out there has probably run in probably run into your problem before and can help you with a solution.