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ELUG Library

Rules of the library

  • Material is to be borrowed for no longer than one month.
  • No more than 2 items per person, at any time.
  • Items will be loaned and returned at the monthly meetings --- don't forget to request the title on the mailing list or at a meeting beforehand.
  • Other arrangements will have to be made directly with the Librarian
  • First time borrowers must have valid picture I.D.

Last Updated:2008-12-19
ELUG Librarian

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All Things RIA


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Title Author Publisher Status
Advanced Perl Programming Sriram Srinivasan O'Reilly Available
Ajax Hacks Bruce W. Perry O'Reilly UnAvailable Adil Kodian Since 20060403 for REVIEW
Amazon Hacks Paul Bausch O'Reilly Available
Apache 2 Pocket Reference Andrew Ford O'Reilly Available
Apache, The Definitive Guide Ken Coar & Rich Bowen O'Reilly UnAvailable
Building Embedded Linux Systems Karim Yaghmour O'Reilly UnAvailable
CGI Programming on the World Wide Web Shishir Gundavaram O'Reilly Available
Checking C Programs with lint Ian F. Darwin O'Reilly Available
Crackproof Your Software (w/CD) Pavol Cerven No Starch Press Available for REVIEW
Data Crunching Greg Wilson Pragmatic Bookshelf Available
The Debian System, Concepts And Techniques (w/CD) Martin F. Krafft O'Reilly UnAvailable Bruce Sass Since 20051223 For REVIEW
Designing Embedded Hardware John Catsoulis O'Reilly Available
Digital Photography: Expert Techniques Ken Milburn O'Reilly UnAvailable Adil Kodian Since 20060118 For REVIEW
Digital Photography Hacks Derrick Story O'Reilly UnAvailable Adil Kodian Since 20060118 For REVIEW
Digital Photography Pocket Guide Second Edition Derrick Story O'Reilly Available
Disappearing Cryptography Peter Wayner Academic Press Available
Essential CVS Jennifer Vesperman O'Reilly Available
Essential System Administration Aeleen Frisch O'Reilly Available
Firefox Hacks Nigel McFarlane O'Reilly Available
Firefox Secrets (w/CD) Cheah Chu Yeow sitepoint Available
Google Hacks Tara Calishain & Rael Dornfest O'Reilly Available For REVIEW
Google Pocket Guide Tara Calishain, Rael Dornfest & DJ Adams O'Reilly Available For REVIEW
Google, The Missing Manual Sarah Milstein & Rael Dornfest Pogue Press / O'Reilly Available
Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks Scott Fullam O'Reilly Available
High Performance Linux Clusters with OSCAR, Rocks, openMosix & MPI Joseph D. Sloan O'Reilly UnAvailable Mark Lane Since 20041211 For REVIEW
High Performance MySQL Jeremy D. Zawodny & Derek J. Balling O'Reilly Available
Home Theater Hacks Brett McLaughlin O'Reilly Available
LDAP System Administration Gerald Carter O'Reilly UnAvailable Adil Kodian Since 20060207
Learning Oracle PL/SQL Bill Pribyl O'Reilly Available
Learning Perl, 2nd Edition Randal L. Schwartz & Tom Christiensen O'Reilly Available
Learning Perl/Tk Nancy Walsh O'Reilly Available
Learning Python 2nd Edition Mark Lutz & David Ascher O'Reilly UnAvailable
Linux Device Drivers Alessandro Rubini O'Reilly Available
Linux Enterprise Cluster Karl Kopper No Starch Press UnAvailable
Linux In A Nutshell Jessica Perry Hekman and the Staff of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. O'Reilly Available
Linux Network Administrator's Guide Olaf Kirch O'Reilly Available
Linux Programmer's Reference Richard Peterson Osborne Available
Linux Programming By Example Kurt Wall QUE Available
Linux Programming White Papers David Rusling, Ori Pomerantz, Sven Goldt, Sven van der Meer, Scott Burkett, Matt Welsh, Ivan Bowman, Saheem Siddiqi, Meyer C. Tanuan Coriolis Available
Linux System Administration White Papers Olaf Kirch and Lars Wirzenius Coriolis Available
Managing Projects with make Andrew Oram and Steve Talbott O'Reilly Available
Mastering Regular Expressions Jeffrey E.F. Friedl O'Reilly Available
Maximum Linux Security (w/CD) Anonymous SAMS Publishing Available
Maximum RPM Edward C. Bailey Redhat Press, SAMS Publishing Available
.NET Gotchas Venkat Subramaniam O'Reilly Available
Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET J. P. Hamilton O'Reilly Available
Open Sources edited by Chris DiBona, Sam Ockman & Mark Stone O'Reilly Available
Oracle8 PLSQL Programming w/CD Scott Urman Oracle Press, Osborne Available
Oracle Database Administration, The Essential Reference David C. Kreines & Brian Laskey O'Reilly Available
Oracle Essentials 2nd Edition Rick Greenwald, Robert Stackowiak & Johnathan Stern O'Reilly Available
Oracle PL/SQL Programming 3rd Edition Steven Feuerstein O'Reilly Available
Perl 5 Pocket Reference 2nd Edition Johan Vromans O'Reilly Available
Perl 6 Essentials Allison Randal, Dan Sugalski & Leopold Totsch O'Reilly Available
Perl Core Language - Little Black Book Steven Holzner Coriolis Available
Perl Template Toolbook Darren Chamberlan, David Cross & Andy Wardley O'Reilly Available for REVIEW
Pragmatic Version Control, Using CVS David Thomas & Andrew Hunt Pragmatic Bookshelf Available for REVIEW
Pragmatic Version Control, Using Subversion Mike Mason Pragmatic Bookshelf UnAvailable
Pragmatic Unit Testing, In Java with JUnit Andrew Hunt & David Thomas Pragmatic Bookshelf Available
Programming Python (w/CD) Mark Lutz O'Reilly Available
Protecting Networks with SATAN Martin Freiss O'Reilly Available
Robot Builder's Bonanza, 99 Inexpensive Robotics Projects Gordon McComb Tab Books Available
Running Linux 2nd Edition Matt Welsh & Lar Kaufman O'Reilly Available
SSH, The Secure Shell Daniel J. Barrett & Richard E. Silverman O'Reilly Available
Secure Coding, Principles & Practices Mark G. Graff & Kenneth R. van Wyk O'Reilly Available
Security Warrior Cyrus Peikari & Anton Chuvakin O'Reilly UnAvailable
SELINUX, NSA's Open Source Security Enhanced Linux Bill McCarty O'Reilly Available
silence on the wire Michal Zalewski No Starch Press Available
Spidering Hacks Kevin Hemenway and Tara Calishain O'Reilly Available
Steal This Computer Book 2 (w/CD) Wallace Wang O'Reilly Available
Stopping Spam Alan Schwartz & Simson Garfinkel O'Reilly Available
System Performance Tuning Mike Loukides O'Reilly Available
talk is cheap, switching to internet telephones James E. Gaskin O'Reilly Available
TCL/TK Tools (w/CD) Mark Harrison O'Reilly Available
Teach yourself CGI Programming with Perl 5 in a week (w/CD) Eric Herrmann SAMS Publishing Available
test driving linux (w/CD) David Brickner O'Reilly Available
TiVo Hacks Raffi Krikorian O'Reilly LOST?
Unix Power Tools 2nd Edition (w/CD) Jerry Peek, Tim O'Reilly, and Mike Loukides O'Reilly Available
Using Moodle Jason Cole O'Reilly Available
Virtual Private Networks Charlie Scott, Paul Wolfe & Mike Erwin O'Reilly UnAvailable Adil Kodian Since 20060403
WarDriving - Drive, Detect, Defend - A Guide to Wireless Security Chris Hurley Syngress Available for REVIEW
Webmaster In A Nutshell Stephen Spainhour & Valerie Quercia O'Reilly Available
Wicked Cool Shell Scripts Dave Taylor No Starch Press Available
Write Portable Code Brian Hook No Starch Press Available



No CDs currently in the library.